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  • The concept wascreated considering that nowadays music is changing, evolving into the digitalworld. But we keep thinking that is not fair to pay for something untangible. Capa toon-usb and Capa speaker   takes the best ofdiferent worlds the music,the art and the technology.

    Capa toon-usb is a white small usb doll that has a codenumber to downloand the music fromuniversal web site.

    Capa toon-usb cames with a marker insidethe packaging, the fan  can customize itsown Capa and upload it to theFan site where they can win prizes like tickets to concerts, t-shirts oranother merchandising product.

    Capa speaker is afoldable cardboard speaker that was designed to be sold with the  code number to download the music fromuniversal site, but because its dimensions it could be sold together with the cd music.

    Once you’ll see your Capa speaker it willinvite you to be part of the music experience by downloading music fromuniversal site or just listening from your computer or mp3 player.

    The concept could beused with any artist  just by changingthe graphics.