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    Digital Photography
  • I decided to photograph hands as they are one of the most revealing and intimate parts of the human body and have the potential to suggest all sorts of context, for example, personality, occupation, relationships or even state of being.
  • (Above) I really love this image. The three pairs of hands you see belong to my mother, my father and my little sister. Character traits of the owners of each pair are revealed in this image and that makes it all the more amusing for me to look at.

    My mother's hands (left) are well looked after and presentable and suggest her pride in appearance. My father's hands (right) are worn, thick skinned hands and his broken dirty nails suggest a lot about his background, past experience and the fact he is a labourer. However most interestingly My sisters bitten nails (lower) reveal her early teenage neurosis and uncertainties.

    My hands are not in the image and this makes me warm to the image further. This is appropriate and significant to me as I am more independent and am not at home as much as I used to be.
  • I am very happy with the crisp, balanced outcomes, and despite their high contrast and intense lighting, they still have a great texture and warmth.