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  • United Planet - Donate Yourself
    Saatchi & Saatchi, Switzerland

    The brief  was to inform people that United Planet is a unique NGO that asks people to volunteer  their skills to those who need help. United Planet needs more volunteers for their projects around the world.

    For example, a carpenter could volunteer a week or two of his holidays to help build a house, a nurse could help immunise children or an executive may project manage a disaster.

    So our idea was to literally donate yourself.

    Typically, an NGO will send an envelope to ask for money or cheque donations. We sent an enormous envelope that was big enough to fit a person inside.

    We sent this envelope to every CFO or HR Officer in the top 22 International Swiss Companies that employ over a million people with the request to not send a cheque but to donate their employees. Or better still, donate themselves.