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  • Unique - The finished work for Joss Searchlight by Carne Griffiths
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    I wanted to get involved after reading more about the story below...
    When people ask why Joss Searchlight is staging an Art Event as it’s first major fundraiser we have to look back to when our ten year old son Joss was diagnosed with a brain tumour back in 2005.
    It has long been believed that Art as therapy is incredibly beneficial to children suffering with neurological conditions; an expressive therapy that uses a child’s creative process to improve their physical, mental and emotional well-being.Often it is used by a child as refuge or escapism but also as way of articulating their feelings.
    Following his diagnosis Joss’ dexterity and capability very quickly began to suffer. Physically he slowed down and became less able to enjoy everyday activity and sport. It was then that he started to become very interested in Music and Art. He very quickly became an expert on Rock and Pop and could name pretty much any track by just hearing the first note. But it was through Art that we realised how much he was communicating with us through his drawings; Sometimes unable to give voice to the complex feelings with which he struggled, his art reflected his mood perfectly. Through creating art  he was able to cope better with his symptoms and enjoy his life more.
    Children with cancer have emotional needs that need just as much attention as their physical needs. These children experience fear, anger, anxiety, depression and other feelings associated with a serious illnesses. Some studies have found Art as therapy is a very helpful way of dealing with these feelings.
    One of the main differences between art therapy and other ways of communication is that most other forms rely on the use of spoken words as a means of communication. Children with brain tumours often experience some difficulty with speech and language.
    Even simple Art therapy at home can help children better express their emotions.  If using a professional therapist they can often help a child connect the art image to their inner feelings and help make sense of them.
    Many of the children we have helped since starting Joss Searchlight have found art to be a great escape from what can be a very life limiting condition.
     As Art enhanced our son’s life so considerably we thought an Art inspired event could be the most appropriate way to get people together and hopefully raise some funds.  Why ‘Something Special’? Because all children with a brain tumour are special.
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