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  • Union Corners Town Center
    Madison, Wisconsin
  • Union Corners is an urban design proposal for the development of a 10.8 acre site in the northeast suburb of Madison, Wisconsin.  Located 2.5 Miles from Downtown Madison and 3 Miles from the University of Wisconsin- Madison, the site is ideal for a transit-served commercial, retail and residential center that will also connect the surrounding neighborhoods.  

    The main proposal for the site is the development of a commuter rail, which will occupy the existing railroad tracks adjacent the site.  On the opposite edge of the site there is a heavily traveled vehicular corridor, with over 54,000 cars passing the site per day.  By creating a transit-oriented center, regional visitors will be able park and ride the train into downtown Madison.  Local residents will also be able to take advantage of the improved public transit and accessibility to the site.  

    The ‘new urbanistic’ town center will feature walkable shops, commercial uses, offices, and residential units.  It will be a strength for the local communities and a true economic generator for the Madison region.  The following site background, analysis, design vision and master plan  all strengthen the need and display the true opportunity of transforming the site into a successful town center.

    Spring 2011 | University of Southern California