• Unfolded is a collection of resources by Bram Vanhaeren. An organized overview of tutorials, desktop wallpapers, videos & articles written to inspire other people to be more creative and explore new techniques. 

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  • Retrograde - Tutorial commissioned by psdbox.com (READ HERE) + Wallpaper (DOWNLOAD HERE)
  • Main Focus - Tutorial commissioned by psdvault.com (READ HERE)
  • Dancé Sur La Moon - Free Desktop Wallpaper  (DOWNLOAD HERE)
  • Real Her - Tutorial commissioned by psdvault.com (READ HERE)
  • Nightlife - Tutorial commissioned by Computer Arts Magazine (READ HERE)
  • Fire Dancer - Tutorial commissioned by psdvault (READ HERE) + Wallpaper (DOWNLOAD HERE)
  • Dancé - Tutorial commissioned by Creative Fan Blog (READ HERE) + Wallpaper (DOWNLOAD HERE)
  • Energize - Tutorial commissioned by Computer Arts Magazine (READ HERE) + Wallpaper (DOWNLOAD HERE)
  • Creative Humans - Research Article for Designerscouch (READ
  • Robotic - Tutorial commissioned by Envato, psdtuts.com  (READ
  • Five - Tutorial commissioned by CreativeFan  (READ)
  • Desktop Wallpapers - I've created a Customize.org account where I save all my desktop wallpapers. (VIEW GALLERY) If you're looking for other wallpapers, I'm proud founder of WallpaperArt.org and suggest you to take a look at the website. We're focussed on featuring and sharing quality wallpapers. (VISIT WALLPAPERART.ORG)
  • Founder of Wallpaper Art - Wallpaper Art is not another random wallpaper library. Their goal is to provide the most exclusive, most artistic wallpapers you can possible find online and at the same time bring the artist and the user closer together by doing case studies, short stories and interviews. Secondly WallpaperArt gives the chance to young talented artists to gain recogntion by promoting their wallpaper or enter a design contest.

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  • Founder of Milla MagazineMilla Magazine will be a combination of sincere appreciation for design and creativity. It will inspire other people to be creative as well, will document stories from fascinating people and will introduce you to a collection of breathtaking artworks from passionate artists. 
  • Digital Artist & Creative Consultant at BramVanhaeren.com - Bram is an extended creative from Antwerp, currently in his final stage of his Cross Media studies in Artesis School Antwerp. With over 4 years experience in the profesional industry and having fun with Adobe products since he was 14 years old, Bram found a spot in the creative team of Idealabs! 

    Next to being creative, he runs the 400m sprint with his best friends and write for several blogs and magazines!

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