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unfinished business
Unfinished Business
The Comic Book
Unfinished Business is a story invented by me that has his place in the Western Times in America, where an unnamed cowboy travels far away from home.
This character is tired of running from his past. Regretful of what he did to his family, by choosing a life of killing "wanted people" in exchange of money, he tries to leave this painfull life and get back to his family where he belongs.
The problem is, once you get in this life, you cant get out. To much bullets, to much blood, to much villains.
Bad guys, they all know each other and some of them are united as a family and they are going find this "no name" Western hero and make him pay by solving their, "Unfinished Business".

I made this project in my 3rd year of my Design graduation in Comic books Class