Undocumented Students Infographics

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  • I explore and present the research findings of Dr. William Perez, author of Americans by Heart: Undocumented
    Latino Students And The Promise of Higher Education. This research focuses on undocumented students and their academic and civic involvement throughout their academic years. These are young adults
    who were brought to the United States at an early age but lack the "right documents" to be considered American citizens. I use information design to interpret the data through representational icons and illustrative elements. This method helps organize the narrative of the students into specific themes that appear throughout the research. Essentially, I am trying to encourage the audience to view this politically sensitive topic through more rational approach in hopes of creating more awareness about this issue.

    The final posters are 2.5ft x 5ft

  • Although I only mention Dr. Perez as the primary source, his books contain an extensive bibliography that I also read and compared with his findings. Due to the limited space that I had on each poster I chose not to list those.
  • Growing up American and Undocumented
  • Academic Profile of College-Bound Undocumented Students
  • These posters were exhibited at Anderson University for the Open Studio – Senior Exhibition Gallery.