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Packaging design for discography
Discography Packaging Design: The final design project for this last semester was to design the casing/ packaging for a multidisc item. I thought about what band or artist I would be interested in designing a casing for, when I remembered that Underøath just released their Anthology album while embarking on their farewell tour soon. I decided this would be ideal timing for a discography as well. 
Instead of an elaborate folding case, I decided to go with something more simple and durable. Since digital format is so big right now, I believe only real die hard fans will be willing to pay for a physical discography set. That being the case, I wanted something that would last, and also be seen as a trophy. I decided on a metal box with the CD's stored upright in an orderly row.
Here is the metal casing beside the  grooved wood base, and cardstock paper with foamcore to hold the discs in place.
Finished result with vinyl adhesive design.
Cut out to allow for the metal to show through.
Discs with same color scheme and designs, original cover art and year recored on each disc.
Ideally, the box would be cut from one piece and folded, instead of multuple pieces adhered together, this would negate the "box top". Also the base would ideally be made from aluminum or steel. I modified the artwork from Underøath's Anthology cover to create the images on the sides and used the same emblem for the top cutout, both designed by the amazing duo of Invisable Creature. Those guys are seriously amazing.