Under the Radar

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    Written & Directed by Matt Fisher
  • Hervé Jaubert, a former Navy Officer for the DGSE, was offered a business opportunity of a lifetime to build recreational submarines in the booming city of Dubai. This business deal later went awry and became dangerous, so he used his intelligence skills to escape the grasp of the tyrannical Dubai. Today he is on trial with the conglomerate Dubai World and attempts to reveal that their glamorous outer shell is not who they truly are.
  • Writer & Directer : Matt Fisher
    Production Manager : Jason Boyce
    Director of Photography : Adam Deal
    Editor : Brian Calland
    Camera Operator : Dan Lai
    Sound : Mike Mowen
    Key Grip/Electric : Thomas Elbert
    Opening Titles / Motion Graphics  : Matt Fisher
  • The entire crew on location in West Palm Beach, Fl.
  • The Director Matt Fisher with Herve´Jaubert at the Brouhaha Film Festival in Dec. 2010 at the Enzian Theater in Orlando, Fl