• The Plight of Afghan Women
  • Imagine a huge dark piece of cloth hung over your entire body, like you were a shameful statue..

    Imagine there's only a drop of light, enough to know there is still daylight for others..

  • Imagine you are being encased in cloth, drowning in fabric, in darkness..
  • Imagine you are begging in this bedspread, reaching out your hand inside the cloth, which must remained covered, unpolished, unseen or they might smash it or cut it off.

    Imagine no one is putting money in your invisible hand because no one can see your face.. so you do not exist.
  • Imagine you went mad, but you did not know you were mad because you hadn't seen the sun in years.

    And you remembered your two daughters vaguely, like a dream the way you remembered the sky.
  • Imagine bearded men that you could only decipher by their smell beating you because your socks were white.

    Imagine being flogged in the streets in front of people you could not see.

    Imagine no peripheral vision so like a wounded animal you could not defend yourself.. or even duck from the sideward blow!
  • Imagine muttering as a way of talking because words did not form anymore in the darkness and you did not cry because it got too hot in there.

  • imagine that laughter was banned throughout your country, and music, and the only sounds you heard were the muffled sounds of the azun or the cries of other women flogged inside their cloth, inside their dark.
  • Imagine you had no place to live. 
    Your only roof was the cloth as you wandered the streets, and this tomb was getting smaller and smellier every day. 
    You were beginning to walk into things.

  • Imagine you could no longer distinguish between living and dying, so you stopped trying to kill yourself because it would be redundant.
  • Imagine me inside the darkness in you. 

    I am caught there; I am lost there.. inside the cloth, inside the dark.
  • Imagine you could see me.

    I was beautiful once.. big dark eyes. You would know me.