Under Cover 3D Text

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  • Under Cover 3D Text
    using iPhone App "Panorama 360", Cinema 4D, After Effects.
  • This is a 3D composite made with Cinema 4D and images taken with my iPhone! I used an iPhone app called 360 Panorama to capture a panoramic image that I then use to light a scene in Cinema 4D using Global Illumination. And then i finished the composite in After Effects, where i added the Depth of Field, color correction, and final touches. 

    I was following a tutorial made by GreyScaleGorilla
  • Original 360 Panorama shot.
  • Front image
  • Back image
  • A Few test shots
  • A Few test shots
  • One of the final renders, i ended up with another angle in another render. But i like this one anyway.
  • Final Render in Cinema 4D
  • Final Composite made in After Effects.