Uncommon Knowledge - Mobile Infographic Series

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  • While researching, I ran across troves of mobile usage figures that were not expected, nor widely circulated. I decided to change that and started crafting a mobile infographic series entitled “Uncommon Knowledge” where I curated interesting, odd, and formative data points for marketers in the mobile space.
    The first in the infographic series focused on the rising population of people whose primary (if not only) lifeline to the internet is via their mobile device.
  • Credits:
    Digital Strategy Director: Daniel T Wood
    Content Curation: Daniel T Wood
    Designer/Illustrator: Sam Vogt
    Agency: tenfour
    Derivative Work: Tenfour.mobi
  • Based upon the popular reception of the infographic content, we decided to create an online resource for our clients and other marketers to see a curated feed of the most interesting, odd, and harrowing factoids circulating online. We elected to do this via a responsively designed site that worked well on all screens.
  • An SMS opt-in was made available for those that wanted alerts of new content... and provided a way for the agency to show deeper mobile understanding/abilities.
  • This  effort proved to be a great leave behind for prospective clients as well as the most popular social content shared through any of our channels (outside of Tweet-a-Beer) and drove many visitors upstream to see more information about the curators of these fine factoids.
  • Credits:
    Digital Strategy Director: Daniel T Wood
    Content Curation: Daniel T Wood, Logan Bennett
    Creative Director: Ted Zahn
    Account Director: Reggie Wideman
    Technical Director: Sheryl Maloney
    Front-End Developer: Erik Ratcliffe/Jason Chaney
    Designer: Brandt Nelson