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My entry for the 2012 Umbro x Footlocker x Secret Walls competition.
So this Umbro things is looking maaaasssssssive - my entries are above, video tells you inherit a wall, fingers crossed yo yo yo!

I tried to keep what was I was drawing not only to their little brief - Umbro, Euro town and soccer history, where you’re from, etc etc - but also keep what I was drawing in the 90 minute limit because if by some amazing change I go through I WILL BE RUSHING IT. AIIIIIIII.

This is actually the first time in a long time I’ve totally freehand drawn without masses of sketching, planning, back and forth and thinking too much, and just trying to keep it light instead of blowing my mind trying to do more new things. So a nice break on my head/hand getting loose and footbally about some quick works. I’d love more textures in there but hey - time is time!

Go check out the Umbro facey too as there are some freaking decent dudes on there…