Umami Hambaagu House Posters

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  • Umami Hambaagu House is a restaurant here in Manila rebranded by the amazing people behind Here are some photos I got from their site so you have an idea how cute this place is!
    Anyway, I was tasked to do some posters to add to that quirky Japanese vibe. The challenge (for me at least) was the artworks should be minimalist.
    I thought of things that are distinctly Japanese, and just added some fun elements.
  • So here are the posters I made! :)
  • These are called Japenese daruma dolls. I just spiced them up with shades. I put a hipster moustache on the orange guy. Haha. The text says, "Eat!".
  • Godzilla vs Cats (and some sushi)
  • This one didn't make the cut. Haha! But I'll include this fat cat anyway. The text says, "Welcome fatty!"