Ultramarine - II

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  • The Best Time Of The Day
    This project is inspired by Raymond Carver's poems.
    All the pictures are made on film.
  • Cool summer nights.
    Windows open.
    Lamps burning.
    Fruit in the bowl.
    And your head on my shoulder.
    These the happiest moments in the day.

    Next to the early morning hours,
    of course. And the time
    just before lunch.
    And the afternoon, and
    early evening hours.
    But I do love

    these summer nights.
    Even more, I think,
    than those other times.
    The work finished for the day.
    And no one who can reach us now.
    Or ever.
  • Model: Giulia Manzini
    Location: Montù Beccaria (Italy)
    Date: 2012/07/08