Ultimate Rainfall Frisbee Club

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    This is a school project we were to create a website. We had 2 briefs to chose from, where I chose to make a website for a Ultimate Frisbee club called Rainfall (located in Bergen - Norway).

    As mentioned we were given a brief to follow, but where also told that we could bend this to our own needs (as long as we had a good reason and could stand by it).

    I choice to go around the brief (the brief was boring as hell), and chose to go approach this task in a different way. Instead of designing and making a typical boring sport-website, I chose make a website based on a strong grid, innovative navigation, and more of a designer-look.

    As we had very little time predisposed to this project, I temporary have to use images instead of real content. There is also other improvements that is to be made, and stuff that is not really finished yet due to lack of time.

    All this will be fixed and completed some time in the future. But for now I'm going to have to focus at the next task at hand :)

    Check out the website at: http://madvertising.no/runar/rainfall/
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