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Character Mascot Design for Cedar City and Brian Head Tourism Bureau
Ullr Mascot Design
Norse god of Skiing, hunting, outdoor sports
I was commissioned by the Cedar City Tourism Bureau to design a character mascot for the city of Brian Head.  This mascot was to be based on the Norse god Ullr, and was to be used in Marketing purposes for exposure for the city.  

I designed the character by sketching dozens of thumbnail size ideas and allowing the tourism Bureau to select the ideas they were the most excited about.  I then designed the character in Zbrush, which allowed me to look at him from several different angles and choose which angle would work the best for the various purposes they had in mind.  From there, I produced a variety of materials for the tourism bureau--2D illustrations, logos, sculptures, and more.  

Below are a few of the images which were selected for use in the marketing campaign: