• Kiev
    The capital of Ukraine

    Lybed' /the swan/ was sad mythical princess. One of the Kiev's rivers called by her name.
  • Lvov

    Ukrainian city, which name inUkrainian similar with the word"Lion".
  • Kerch

    Ukrainian city older than Rome.
    A long time ago it called Panticapaeum (in Greek)
  • Bukovel

    The best Ukrainian ski resort.
  • Chernovtsy.

    'Small Vienna' in Ukraine. Beautiful architecture and incredible tasty coffe.
    Best Ukrainian city in 2008
  • Zaporozhye

    A part of Ukrainian lands was settled by Scythians -- the ancient people who were brave warriors with a lot of gold adornment. Scythians has left behind a lot of stone idols.
  • Sevastopol

    Locals calls it Sevas.
    A town with a lot of the monuments and statues, with a green sea and great number of ships
    Clean, white and hot.
  • Svyatogorje / Svyatogorsk

    Both of tne names of this beautiful place translates like a Saint Mountains.
    This is on of the famous Ukrainian orthodox cloisters.
  • Uman.

    Ukrainian town where famous jewish preacher Tsadik Nakhman was buried.
    Each year in summer thousands and thousands of jews arrive to Uman for some their feast day.
  • Donetsk.

    Ukrainian town with a lot of coal minings.
    Industrial center of Ukraine and former USSR.
  • Odessa.

    Ukrainian health resort with the depth history.
    Best Ukrainian city 2010.
  • Kamenets-Podolsky.

    Ukrainian city-museum with old castles and woods. With the big river called Dniestr
  • London is not Ukrainian city. However it's beautiful and my friend asked me to draw it.