Ugluholt: an alphabet book

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  • Ugluholt
    Owl Hill
  • Ugluholt (Owl Hill) is an illustrated typeface project built on the life at Ugluholt. The life at Ugluholt became my focus since it is my safe haven, a place where there is always peace and calm. It is the place where I feel best, the place where I pick up a pen and paper and start drawing or take a book, head of to some secluded place in the forest and start reading.

    In the letters you can find the animals and plants that live at Ugluholt. Representing the letter A is auðnutittlingur (common redpull), býflugur and bláber (bees and blueberries) decorate the B, Corvus Corax (common raven) is in the C, dagstjarna (daystar flower) in the D and so on through the entire alphabet.
    I started working on Ugluholt last fall in a typeface design course and decided to continue with the project in my final graduation project. Here you can see the WIP. 
    The decision to present the letters as a book seemed fitting as reading books connects me strongly with the life on Ugluholt. Additionally this setup creates a connection to children's alphabet books, in which children learn the letters with the help of illustrations of familiar objects. At the same time it becomes a motivation to learn on, through nature, wanting to understand a larger part of the world outside after having understood its varied local spectrum.
    I printed a limited number of books. Only 10 numbered copies exist. 
    Here are a few pages from my book. 
    Hope you enjoy. 
  • For the exhibition I painted a big S on wall of the Reykjavik Art Museum and placed the book next to it.  
  • Letterpressed cover
  • The books were hand-sown. 
  • Introduction:
    Look! My letter!
    There is something enchanting about the way a child starts discovering the letters. One letter at a time. In the end it is not only letters that the child sees but words and sentences start forming. Suddenly a whole world has opened up. These few symbols of the alphabet form all the knowledge that can be attained and all the stories that have ever been written.
  • Auðnutittlingur - Common Redpoll
  • Býflugur og bláber - Bees and blueberries
  • Corvus Carax - Common raven 
    (no icelandic word starts with a C so here I used a latin name)
  • Eyrarrós
  • Kirsuberjatré - Cherry tree
    (very few Icelandic words start with É and none that fit with the theme of summer/nature/ugluholt so here the letter is within the word.) 
  • Fífa - Cotton flower
  • Glókollur - firecrest
  • Íslandsfífill - Icelandic hawkweed
  • Könglar - Tree cones
  • Lúpína - Lupine
  • Maríuerla - White wagtail
  • Oddarfi - flowery weed
  • Ólúagras - Lady's Bedstraw
  • Sóley - Buttercup
  • Valmúi - Icelandic poppy
  • Xerocomus Subtomentosus - Suade bolete
    (no icelandic word starts with an X so here I used a latin name)
  • Þröstur - Robin
  • Ætihvönn - Holy Ghost
  • Ösp - Aspen