USHER - Interface and Systems Design

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  • USHER is an interface to enable aspirants to make a informed choice about colleges/institutes while hunting for admissions.
    It serves the following purposes-
    1) Acts as a handy and updated database of information about colleges/institutes
    The users can mix-match parameters to filter colleges suiting to their needs. They can also browse details of a college.
    2) Acts as a mediator between aspirants (society as a whole) and the college body.
    - The users of USHER will get to know of inside-out happenings of a college. 
    - The aspirants can get in direct contact with college students to get first -hand information from them.
    - Thus the society is kept informed of how a college is performing
    USHER has a SMS model. 
    In this model volunteers are provided option of free SMS notification of the queries. 
    This is likely to enhance their chances of responding to a query.
    The aspirants, on the other hand, can  buy a subscription (mimal amount) to receive 
    notificaton (through SMS) of response to queries.
    USHER also has a point system.
    The volunteers gets points on answering a question.
    They may get some gifts in exchange of these points
    This is likely to encourage them to respond more frequently and efficiently.
    The points which I kept in mind while designing these pages were -
    1) Reduce the clicks
    2) Reduce fresh page loads correspomding to each operation
    3) Page layout to be simple, to reduce the clutter in visual comprehension
    4) Maintain a serious look of the web application.
    5) Avoid vertical or horizontal scroll - the layout should fit into any screen size it is viewd on.
  • A documentation containing the screen-designs and details of other interaction / interface design issues can be downloaded from  HERE