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  • Unicity ® and iLK and Tyrsa unite their talents to create, with style and originality, a new collection of clothes!
    (re)discover the know-how and the quality of the young French brand, associated with the style of the 2 artists.
    An exclusive collection imagined by the duo...

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  • The parisian graphic designers iLK and Tyrsa collaborate often together on exclusive projects. The style of the one is often mixed with the style of the other one, emerging a real complicity. The initiative to find a name which unites them, results from the will to express this between influence.
    Today, they put a name on their duet and express themselves under ‘ KRIYSTAL ‘.
    The idea of the anagram then appeared as an evidence: KRIYSTAL, a mix of the letters of their two nicknames.

    All simply .

  • UNICITY® : a concept and a know-how recognized in the creation and the manufacturing of clothes of quality.
    Since its creation in 2011 in Paris, UNICITY® designes and makes clothing of quality in cotton. More than a brand, UNICITY® symbolizes today a concept (guaranteed by a nume’ rotation), a know-how of exception and the will of privilege the perfection above all.

    In a sector more and more saturated. UNICITY® has decided to propose to its consumers some products of high quality, made in the best factories in Portugal.

    Furthermore, to produce every unique model, UNICITY® makes no more than 200 copies; guaranteeing a limited edition by a weaved label marking a numerotation (for example 002/200).
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