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Original photographs collaged and or transferred on plywood, treated with a mix of acrylic and oil washes.
At any given time in our contemporary lives, we are bombarded with a confluence of imagery and media which work to seduce us and inadvertently have an effect on the way in which we see ourselves.
With a background in advertising and fashion photography, Mauro Palmieri has rejected the falsity and façades associated with commercial photography through this body of work.
Stepping away from the overtly sexualised imagery utilised in fashion and advertising, these figures are at once warriors and victims, anonymous and monumental. Stripped bare, they expose both the vulnerability and resilience of the human body. Shrouded with cloth over their faces, these standing figures are masked and anonymous, ready for execution or scrutiny. Although there is no overtly sexualised pose, we are made aware of the politics of our own gaze. 
A level of voyeurism is permitted as we are able to pore over the faceless and exposed figures without being confronted with a reciprocated gaze. We are denied the possibility of connecting emotionally through the face and gauging the emotional content of the figure.