• UMG Magazine
    Universumin Mestarigraafikot / Master Graphic Designers of the Universe
  • UMG is a magazine which will represent the Graphic Design Department of the University of Lapland, Finland. The content is in Finnish and English and is about general graphic design issues. It was done as a student project for the Publishing Design course and every student was involved in its creation. I've done the logo, cover design/illustrations and illustrated a double spread, since each student had to write a graphic design related article and to illustrate one of the articles. During one of the meetings, my colleagues proposed that it'd be interesting to include some kind of  a fairy tale to spice up the magazine's content, and which could also go well with my illustration style. As I'm not too skilled when it comes to writing I've asked my girlfriend for help and she wrote a lovely short story inspired by the North and the magical aurora, entitled "Underneath the Reflection".
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