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Graphic profile and branding of the annual UKA Student Festival in Lillehammer.
UKA Lillehammer 2011
UKA is a common form of annual student festivals all across Norway. Several university colleges and universities have their own festivals complete with concerts, parties and other cultural events. Lillehammer University College is situated in the outskirts of the city of Lillehammer and has approximately 4000 students and 280 faculty- and administrative staff. All on one campus.

Studio 3 was commissioned to create this years graphic profile for the festival. Being challenged by a tight budget, but by no means limited in manpower or volunteers, we came up with a slightly different solution. Aiming to extend the reach of the profile beyond the traditional mediums, our profile attempts to become one with its surroundings. The theme blends the style of vintage movie posters with crisp digital effects.

Produced at Studio 3 by Audun Aas, Moa Nordahl & Ole-Sigurd Walla,  fall 2010
3D model digital wireframe.
3D model digital render.
Digital renders merged with vintage style photo of Lillehammer.
Title and copy typefaces. Knockout and Akkurat.
Posters 70x100 cm.
Festival booklet print details.
Festival booklet print details.
Festival booklet print details.
Die cut access card.
Wordpress based blog/webpage. Design & development by Studio 3.
Process photos from the construction of the physical logo. Approx. 180 x 90 x 90 cm in size.
Physical logo in action, concert.
Physical logo in action, on promotion tour in town.
Physical logo in action. on stage.
Transportation issues...