UI/UX design

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  • This case-study app would cater directly to young people who like EDM and going to Raves. You can hold the phone up to a speaker and listen to a song and the app will automatically pull up the song, artist info and their next tour dates. Users can rate that artists concert and provide reviews and tips. Not only that, but it automatically selects the best youtube video of that DJ's live performace and presents it to you to watch. You can set the app to alert you when your favorite artists are coming to town and you can upload your very own concert videos from raves you have been to!
  • These are some of my initial wireframes for this project.
  • This is the loading page of Rave Report when you first open it
  • This is the homepage of Rave report. From here you can choose to listen to a song, search for artists and songs, watch concert videos or upload your own videos. If you swipe upwards, you can see the upcoming concert information for your favorite artists. 
  • If you click on the "listen" icon from the homepage, it takes you here. if you push this button and hold the phone to a speaker playing music, it will automatically pull up information about that particular artist and their concert dates and videos.
  • This is a sample artist page with info about the song, concert dates and the best youtube video of their live performance.