• UDLA, Universidad de las Américas is a renowned university with several years in Ecuador. Only 4 years ago we relaunched the brand with the slogan "the world needs people who love what they do" causing many young people to join, rather than to a university of excellence, to the cause of "love what you do."
    In 2013 we created a campaign based on the values ​​of hard work and dedication, fundamental to achieve goals or dreams. When you work hard the night remains a day.
    Creative Direction: Diego Aguilar, Miguel Salazar, Xavo Barona, Sebastián Villagómez, Andrés Freile
    Creative Team: Luis Riera, Santiago Zumárraga, Paulino Pachacama, Cristina Gonzáles.
    Director: Tito Molina
    Photography: Ramiro Salazar