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    This is "everlasting" Tyre Fitting Calendar created for Dalnoboy.
Tyre Fitting Calendar
Client: Dalnoboy 
Dalnoboy (Long-distancetrucker) is the widest truck tyre service network in the CIS countries. Principal objective of the company is to increase the tyre run. So Dalnoboy seeks to make the tyres "everlasting". This concept inspired us to create an"everlasting" Tyre Fitting Calendar.

An "asphalted" box contains an envelope with component parts, and on the envelope there is adetailed printed guidance on calendar assembly, application, repair and warranty service.
One can assemble the calendar and start to use it on any day of any year. The calendar is absolutely interactive, though little effort is required to use it. Every day it is necessary to move only one wheel-day. And set a mark in front of the appropriate month name once in a month.  
The kit also has a sparewheel to replace a "day" that may be lost. The guidance provides a phone number of the Dalnoboy's customer service. Beside the usual servives, one can get advice on Tyre Fitting Calendar assembly and usage, and also order the missing parts.
“The result of cooperation exceeded our expectations. Calendar came out to be impressive and really unique. Certainly, it stands out from lots of usual corporate souvenirs. We also managed to keep up the corporate identity completely. The calendar and its mechanism represent well the subject of Dalnoboy company’s activities - it all can be easily recognized by the receiver of the present.” 
Alexandr Ktitor, Dalnoboy™