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Illustrative Words
Illustrative Words
Pencil Sketch
Invitation Cards for the College Fest 32 via 33 at DJAD.
32 is the area code and 33 is the bus number that comes there.
Tickets were designed in bus ticket format and invitation cards were in post cads format.
Group project with classmate Kshitij Tembe.

Image : Front Side
Image : Back Side
Event Tickets
Group project with classmates Kshitij Tembe and Pulak Bhatnagar.
Poster for CEE ( Center for Environmental Education )
Hypothetical Newspaper Tabloid Layout Design - inDesign
A tabloid throwing light on design activities in India. The colour scheme has been kept very traditional Indian and the yellow dot represents the sun.
Group Project with Chetan Syal and Sreejita Chakraborty.