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A selection of typography examples; posters and infographics for clients and practice.

My love of typography has been brewing for quite some years, since learning how important good layout really is, it's become quite a passion. Fond of aspirational quotes and inspiring infographics, I share my love of type.
A quote I'd seen that inspired me to get creative with different fonts.
'How to Defeat....'
You'll often find me wondering how I'd cope when the zombie invasion strikes. So I decided to create a helpful infographic for those less 'in the know'.
'At the End'
More use of complementary fonts.
A Facebook header I created for my Facebook page in 2012. Using a photograph I'd taken of an interesting looking house by the sea in Cornwall. Use of good typography and fonts.
At the end of 2011 I documented 'My Year' using a layout I created from scratch. More complementary fonts and effective layout.
I've been very interested in nutrition since I took an advanced course back in 2006 so I decided to share that knowledge in the shape of an infographic. Effective use of typography, illustrations and layout in play here, plus advice on how to eat.
Brought together the 'Fundamentals of Graphic Design' in one handy infographic using the layout skills I'd been learning at Storm Consultancy in 2011, I loved coming up all the little heads that represented each individual element.