Typography (axe rebranding)

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  • Letterform design  
    AXE rebranding
    Project: Typography and branding    Purpose: Curriculum project
  • The assignment given was to explore letterforms and create our own type. According to the look and feel of our typeface we created a brand identity for a hypothetical institution.
  • The final letterform
  • I decided to work with the cool and iconic youth brand that offers male grooming products, "AXE" because i believe my font relates well with the experience of the brand. Also for my assignment I hypothesized that Axe has started a new range of products for women.
  • For the final identity, sharp and overlapping forms have been used to show the eccentric nature of the brand.
  • I decided to take the course ahead on a personal level and worked on the branding, which i started by creating teasers for their new identity.
  • Merchandise for the brand.