Typographic Tarot

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  • Typographic Tarot
  • This project is the result of being given a page of the dictionary, then instructed to create something–anything–using only typography. No further direction was given.

    Inspired by dawn and dead being found within a single page, I began to explore the relationship between the two words. After deciding the relationship was cyclical, I started to research the Ouroboros, a cross-cultural symbol often representing life from death and creation from destruction.

    In the middle ages, the Ouroboros was worked into the face cards of both playing cards and Tarot cards. In Tarot, death can represent a transformation. I decided to transform the page of words into the Major Arcana–the 22 face cards within the Tarot deck said to be a pictorial representation of human development.

    I kept this in mind throughout the design process, making my ultimate goal to create something for an audience of one. It needed to be interactive and continue the project's spirit of mystery and emergence.

    Within the dictionary page, an entry could be found that related to one of the Tarot's existing card titles. The remaining text was used as image and texture to loosely recreate the image of the original card each new title related to.

    The cards were made to be placed and repositioned with no definite conclusion to reflect the cycle of life and death.