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Razor is an animated typeface for Adobe After Effects. Available at
About the typeface.
When typography and origami make sweet love, after nine months you’ll end up with Typogami. Typogami is a unique display-typeface with 2.5D functionality.

About Animography.
Animography is a type-foundry that specialises in animated typefaces. These animated typefaces comes as Adobe After Effects files. They are easy to use, customizable and scalable without any loss of quality.

Jeroen Krielaars – 

Customizable Features.
- completion
- 2 colors
- fold angle
- color randomness
- shadow darkness
- shadow diffusion
- light position
Static version.
The static version is a tri-colored typeface, that consists of three separate fonts, that need to be stacked in order to form the full typeface.
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