• Typing Sound
    Web Based Sound Installation

  • Web base interactive sound installation

    source : http://barangulesen.com/typing.html

    This interactive sound installation "web site" was created with different embeded youtube videos. All videos are in "http://barangulesen.com/typing.html" or clicked on to interact with sound material, People who is visitor can play with sound sources material with play and volume. 

    Visitor : http://barangulesen.com/typing.html
    source : http://barangulesen.com

    This project created with youtube users videos,
    People who write the computer keyboard. I've collected on the same page. As a result, sound sources dramatically change to another source. How about rain or water flow.

    Web page start with autoplay and looping forever. Interaction free. You can play on web to listen different sound result. 
  • thanks for visiting!