Types of Typography - Type for Leaf Magazine - Brazil

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  • This project was so nice to do, thank you so much Leaf Magazine for this invitation.
    The challenge was create a Type that shows all the difficulty art director and designers have when they have to choose a good type for each art. So i created a labyrinth to shows that difficulty, with the theme of the story ''Types of Typography'' . The idea is to be difficulty to read as the choose for a good font. 
    I used Modo for the 3d and finished in Photoshop.
    I hope that you guys like it :) 
  • Study done at Illustrator.
  • FIrst step in Modo.
  • LIghts and shadows in Modo
  • Final Render
  • Step 1 on Photoshop
  • Step 2 on Photoshop
  • FInal Image
  • Details