Typeface Hydrophilia (FREE)

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  • Hydrophilia
    available for free download at www.floodonts.com
  • Hydrophilia family was created in 2003 by Felix Braden as a further development of Moby and comes with two fonts: The gothic typeface (liquid) is a revised version of the pixel font (iced). Hydrophilia liquid got a lot of letterforms with a diagonal axis, which reminded me of the technical fonts used on early liquid crystal displays. Because of that the font got its name. The pixel font Hydrophilia Iced is optimized for a font size of 11 Pixel. The font files are available as otf an ttf files with extended glyph sets for free download at www.floodfonts.com.
     The font is also available as a webfont at www.typekit.com.
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