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A four-panel exploration of typographic form and space.
Preparing for an upcoming exhibition in Chicago this summer, I decided to create a short series of works within Syntax, influenced by typographic forms and vehicles for text. For this polyptych, I used a slightly modified Avenir, chosen for its simple geometric structure and elegant form not always retained by typefaces in heavier weights. Split across four panels, each gap in the hanging composition allows the viewer to optically generate the missing information. The study was painted on birch panels mounted on 2" poplar, the risers painted the same hue and shade of orange-red as the bulk of the lettering. 
Panel surfaces tinted black, later forced back to white through layering. 
Various media used to texturize the surface and give the polyptychal configuration more continuity. 
Several coats of pigments cut with transparent white were layered intraveniously with drawings. Letterforms loosely retained (no masking or taping).
Final piece
Mixed media on birch panel

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