• Type Base 
    Typographic Principles

  • The bachelor thesis type base shows a compact and practical 
    outline of the most important rules in the field of typography.

    The work is divided into two parts. The first part of consists of the booktake me with you. It comprehends essential typoghraphic knowledge,such as type classification or type setting and treats topics like combining types. The book intends to be an every-day companion for students or practitioners.The second part contains a series of posters displaying typografphic principles.Contrary to the book, the poster series put us on your wallare ment to reinforce the essential rules as people can glance at it againand again.Finally this bachelor thesis aims to provide a solid typographical basisand wants to inspire the reader to further look at the details of typography.

    By now the book is available on amazon. 

  • Credits
    Creative direction & graphic design: Kurt Glänzer 
    Product photography: Marion Luttenberger