Twofold Bench

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  • Twofold is currently on display outside Boston's Children's Museum along Fort Point Channel as part of Design Museum Boston's Street Seats: Reimagining the Public Bench exhibition. Twofold placed as a Semi-Finalist in the Street Seats Design Challenge and was awarded a grant for construction. Twofold inverts the traditional use of plywood, using layered strips which expose the laminations while paint covers the typically exposed surface veneer.
    The world is made for the average consumer: his average dimensions, his average personality, his average desires. Likewise, furniture is sized for the standard, the normal, the ordinary. So if you’re 34 years old and 5’6” tall, you’ll find practically any bench in America agreeable. Sit down, and get comfortable. The seat will be exactly 18” above ground, to your liking. Of course, man is not born at full height. Maybe your waist height is closer to 18”. Don’t you still deserve a little comfort?

    Introducing a seat for all ages. Looks like a table. Behaves like a bench. Molded from bent plywood, the geometry yields maximum seating from minimal material. Spacious, flexible, sustainable.

    Take a seat, Son. Today, the little guy sits tall.
    Street Seats Design Challenge
    Design Museum Boston and the City of Boston

    Independent Competition
    Spring 2013
    Collaborator: Katie MacDonald
  • 1/8th Scale Model
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