• Concept design
    Credits: Zhenyu Lin, Mingya Wei, Yinbin Shuai

    In this program, we want to redesign the ordinary commodities that we are familiar with. We are asked“why some tools looks so cold and tough”, “what is the relationship between the objects people used, the tools and human beings.” in the process. However, even till now, the answer is obscure in my heart. we just want to create a possibility for people to use the tools and express our feeling of social responsibility.
    Twist is an iF concept design entry in 2010
  • "Twist” is a pencil sharpener that is rolled out of a single sheet of a stainless steel. The sheet of stainless steel forms the shaving bland. This “role sharpener” design create the origin feeling of using. And this design can simplify manufactrial process and save materials, it also can be recycled easily.
  • I firstly got the inspiration from pencil crumbs and want to build up a connection between pencils and sharpeners
  • The usage and design process