Twentyfour Hours

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  • Everyone enjoys painting and renovating their homes. Painting can be quiet therapeutic and relaxing but there is nothing more annoying then having paint splatter and marks all over your house. Painting corner walls, doors and narrow areas involves using a paint brush to get into these tight spots. When dipping the paint brush into the the paint bucket we often pick up more paint then we need and brush against the inner rim of the paint bucket to return some of that paint back into the bucket. The problem with doing this is that the paint starts to build up and overflow from the rim down the outside of the paint bucket and onto the floor creating a mess and even sticking to the protective floor sheets that we lay out when we paint to protect our carpets or floor boards. And when we are done with painting we try to reseal the lid only to find that the paint has now dried on the rim and it seems impossible to close the lid.
    My idea is to eliminate the need to brush the excess paint on the side of the paint bucket rim and instead have a separate thin piece that is attached to the paint bucket and that spans over the paint bucket directly. This means that the paint is now brushed off over the center of the bucket and falls directly back into the bucket without creating any messy residues around the bucket.
    The product can simply be designed to clamp itself onto the rim of any existing paint bucket by having a single screw-on mechanism which is tightened by turning the handle clockwise. The main rod spans across the bucket and rests on both sides on the outer rim and is long enough to span over any size diameter paint bucket so it has a universal use.