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    Group Project for the competition Art on Chairs 2012, “Twain” was candidate to the category of “making chairs”, optimized for modularization and industrial production as above mentioned.
    Project “Twain” is a chair, resulting from an industrialization process and always keeping standardization in mind. The final product will be the result of minimal use of materials and will also focus on the fastest and easiest way of producing and assembling all the
    pieces together. On the other hand, by inspiring ourselves in Alvar Aalto’s work, this is also meant to obtain a “light” product, both visually and density wise. The minimalistic nature of piece is illustrated by the requirement for only four wood planks, extracted from a single plank.
    Their formal elegance and functional character, make the chair “Twain” suitable for enterprise environments, leaving an image of integrity and seriousness.
    Twain, is a chair designed for the industrial production world: the intention of reducing the quantity of material used, as well as the speed of production, ease of assembly of various parts and simplicity were the project objectives.
    While comfortable and minimalistic in language, the use of a flexible material together with the wood used for the structure, so that it fits the human body, turns it into a more humanistic and ergonomic chair. So, neoprene and plywood are the materials chosen because of their physical characteristics: in the first case, the costs associated with the equipment, easy manipulation and resistance to shrinkage, twisting and deformation; in the second, as a synthetic rubber, its greater resistance to fire and decay, as well as its good chemical
    durability and stability, were crucial to the final decision regarding the materials. 

    Co-owner: Cristina Costa, Catarina Gonçalves Pedro, Patrick Sousa