Turntable.fm: The Future Of Music Is Social

  • 1994
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  • Turntable.fm: The Future Of Music Is Social
    Presenters: Billy Chasen, Founder & CEO, turntable.fm; Jesse Kirshbaum, Founder, SoundCtrl; Seth Goldstein, Co-Founder/Chairman, turntable.fm
    Artist: Heather Willems
  • Turntable.fm came from out of nowhere to become the most addictive new music service. The success of the service shows how we are entering a stage where owning music as an individual is less important than playing it together as a community. Artists are embracing the service as a way to connect directly with their best fans in a live synchronous environment; Talib Kweli, Diplo, ?uestlove, Manchester Orchestra and Ra Ra Riot have all been seen spinning tracks.

    In this fireside chat, we will discuss the evolution of and vision for turntable- how can users, artists, agents, managers, labels and advertisers all participate in and benefit from this social music experience.