Turn It Green—Lawrence Composting Program

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  • Turn It Green—Lawrence Composting Program
    every little rot helps
  • Turn It Green is a campaign for the Lawrence Composting Program in Lawrence, Kansas. It
    provides services and education tailored to fit different lifestyles in the city, such as:
    • Free compost pickup services for homeowners and businesses.
    • Compost drop-off sites for those who live in apartments, students, and the rest of the community.
    • Bi-annual compost sale to give back to the community.
    • Workshops to learn basic composting skills.
    • Booths and school presentations to educate the public and show that composting is not as messy and
    smelly as they think. It is Simple, Easy, and Clean.

    This project uses Neenah Environment Mesa White paper containing 50% post-consumer and 50% alternative fiber. All materials in this project can be composted, including the plant-based cellophane bags and cotton bags.

    Most of the amazing photographs in this project are by Chiot's Run (Susy Morris) through her flickr site licensed under creative commons.

    2011 National Student Show, DSVC
    Kansas City AIGA A7 Award 2011
  • The plastic bag is made out of plants so it can be safely composted. Instead of using staples, I sewed to close the package using 100% cotton thread and it can be composted as well.