Turbine Water

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  • Description
    60% of the human body is water – an amount which depletes as a result of everyday activity. Drinking 2 litres of water each day is essential, as it replenishes the body and enables us to live healthy and active lives.

    In spite of these amazing properties, water is currently marketted as pure and thus boring. This university project aimed to challenge the way in which water is branded. Bold positioning and targetted brand applicatons were used to level the playing field between water and superfluos enregy drinks.
    Bank Gothic by Morris Fuller Benton
    Retina Display by Hoefler & Frere-Jones

  • Concept behind the brandname & logo
  • Branding aimed to present natural drinking water as exciting and powerful, (which it is)
  • The water was packaged in a can rather than the typical bottle – challenging energy drinks directly
  • Turbine was branded to a youthful and therefore tech-saavy target base. In accordance, an application was also developed for customers to keep track of their daily water consumption – creating a purchase trigger.