Tuol Sambo - AIDS Colony

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  • Tuol Sambo is located about 25 km from Phnom Penh - the capital city of Cambodia. It is very difficult to find this place. It is not on the map, people on the street can not say any information about it... There is only one way - full of holes, steep hills and gravels... The settlememnt is hidden. After a few villages THE FORGOTTEN GROUND EMERGES. In the 2009 the cambodian governmnent decided to evict 40 families with HIV/AIDS from Boreli Korei (the district of slums Phnom Penh) to Tuol Sambo. Nowadays this part is bigger and there are 60 families. Mostly you can see there children who are so happy and play all the time. You can take a picture of them and you can not see that they think about problems which they live with. There is "strange hapiness". In the central point you can see cambodian flag. All of them live in barracks. Every day they build "new houses" for new lodgers... It looks very strange. The temperature inside is very high and it is not possible to stay there. There are not any toilets and running water.There is only a toilet on the field, next to cows. There is missing food, medicines and clear water.The government sent them to die. Inhabitants try to manage with this hard fate. Before eviction majority of them worked in different occupations.CHEN- was a policeman (until today he has kept his uniform) and his wife worked in the post office. Unfortunately, nobody has money to go to the city- transport is quite expensive (it is about working day to pay only for ticket). But they do not give up. The fighiting to survive is so imprtant to live and earn money. Ones of them sew clothes, others make some wallets, small tuk-tuk from cans. Every time they send somebody to the city center and sell all things for tourists to get some money. They only have a small piece of field and cultivate wheat. There is also a pond where they keep fish. It is very sad that they do not have a school. The children can not read and write. Nobody wants to change their situation. Nobody wants to take to school pupils with HIV.

    The people are scared ... They are not sure about future. Parents are worried about their children who will be orphans. Each day is a kind of challenge.

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