Tunisian Women's Rights Association

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  • Don't let others speak for you

    The Challenge
    Women voters was at an all time low and we needed to empower Tunisian Women to get to the voting stations and vote on October 23rd.
    The Solution
    A old woman's voice is hijacked by a male's voice. She begins to feel very uncomfortable about the male's sexist vision of how Tunisia should treat their women. The film ends with a strong statement: Don't let anyone speak for you. Vote on October 23rd. In Tunisian Arabic, voice and vote are the same word: soutek The film was aired 2 weeks before first Tunisian national elections. 

    The Results
    This campaign won a Bronze at Epica 2012 for the Public Service Category. It also picked up a Gold for Film Craft as well as a Silver for Public Service category at the Dubai Lynx 2012. More importantly, Women voters increased for the first time in Tunisia by more than 68%.
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