• Cooper Street, New York

    LOCATION: New York - US
    TYPE: Anonymous.d competition
    PROGRAM: interactive installation
    PLOT SURFACE: 50 m²
    TEAM: Jordi Lopez Aguilo, André Vivas (v-on-v), Mateo Ascani (ama), Marina Bonillo (cranesketch)
    YEAR: 2012

    Tubular Cloud is a new landmark in NYC panorama, the formal result of all the interactions that happen around the Cooper Square; a passive-active instrument that modifies its out-skin listening the city around and the people that play music with inside the cloud.
    An Interactive space breathing the city, a motion cloud, a movement sensor, a sound sensor, a transition area with multi-hybrid technology form.
    It’s a living mechanism, it is for people and their senses being explored as a part of the construction, allowing a person or just sounds to make the space, change it and be the environment.
    We play, listen, visualize and talk to the cloud, modulate its form, where the organism reacts and responds with 3d forms, sounds, lights and video.
    Thanks to kinetic sensors that recognize people moving on the walk side and acoustic sensors that capture sound frequencies on the area, the façade starts to respond, changing its shape. People will be automatic involved and absorbed in the cloud.
    Video by Smashing Films.