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A visual, interactive and spatial interpretation of three documentaries.
Koyaanisqatsi = Unbalanced Life

We are part of a greater system. All our social, economic or environmental decisions, rely on the realization that the world functions as a whole. 
If today we can safely imagine a man on a moon, 50 years ago that same possibility was seen with skepticism. But today we face new challenges.
In a world where information travels at high-speed, we try to examine how fast language can keep up with this new rhythm, recognizing humanity's  preponderance and responsibility as individuals, as citizens.
We started our thinking while watching the following documentaries:
In 1943, Buckminster Fuller created a new model as an alternative to conventional maps. This projection shows us an objective look at our world, preserving shapes and sizes without splitting any continents.

The broken projection is filled with people, connections, interactions.
Without these fundamental variables, it fails.
Most of the time, we live our lives within these invisible systems, blissfully unaware of the artificial life, the intensely designed infrastructures that support them.

Bruce Mau - Massive Change
The installation presents itself both as a critical analysis of the themes depicted, and as an extended investigation on the subject of man vs earth. A visual and interactive interpretation of current affairs.
The broken projection is filled with people, connections, interactions.
Without these fundamental variables, it fails.
Our language is in a state of vast humiliation.
It no longer  describes the world in which we live.
Godfrey Reggio
MAU, Bruce (2004) - Massive Change, Phaidon 
FULLER, R. Buckminster (1978) - Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth,
E. P. Dutton.
Koyaanisqatsi (1983) - Godfrey Reggio  
Powaqqatsi (1988) - Godfrey Reggio
The 11th Hour (2007) - Leila Conners, Nadia Conners
Home (2009) - Yann Arthus-Bertrand
Life in a Day (2011) - Ridley Scott (produced by)