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Creation of the visual identity of Trophee Up Design's 2008 edition. Logotype, leaflet, website artworks, mailing, stand displays, trophy design.
UpDesign Trophee
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Trophee Up Design

Q/ What is it ?
A/ A contest inviting everyone to present a project that responds to the daily context of a child under 12 in an innovative and creative way.

An educational snuggle blankie or cuddly toy, futuristic clothing, Zen furniture, ever-evolving food packaging, or a fun concept store. The 2008 Up Design Trophy allows your imagination to run free for any aspect of 0-12 year old children products (agri-food, furniture and furnishings, health and hygiene, clothing, toys and games, childcare equipment or childrens living areas). Entrants for the 2008 Up Design Trophy should put forward a concrete realisation of an innovative idea with an original design and/or original functions that contributes to the well-being of 0-12 year olds.

20 competition projects will be selected by a jury composed of designers, sociologists and companies from the Pôle Enfant (Childrens Products Cluster).

© Copyrights             Client : Le Pôle Enfant             Agency : Mediapilot Group              Photo : M. Paul Salmon